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Imagine yourself as a part of life that is holding within it creases a profusion of calm and an endlessness of relaxation in mind. A world that is alien to the tedious rush and fast paced mode of daily lives and one where the mind is constantly filled with thoughts but is instead free of them .while it is impossible to say whether life on another planet may be a promise of it , it certainly is true that such a luxury is possible somewhere in DREAM only, the scoop on the most luxurious and pampering spas of Nepal with abundant peace and quiet spacious area and comfortable reading /writing place amidst the harshness of the city, the place is definitely an oasis type that guarantees your entire satisfaction of wellbeing :- offering a variety of useful books, journals, magazines; newspapers and many more at an enchanting place; in a first evercase of its kind in Nepal is not other than only The Readers' club.

The RC members have wide space to dig up with different brainstorming activities like:- seminars, workshops, interactions on various normative & prescriptive science & art in presence of national or international distinguished  personalities. It organizes varieties of academic and professional developmental program in collaboration with different NGOs INGOs, Organizations and Institutions..

First in hand , it creates reading habits among students and others at maximum level. It creates such an environment where a big number of bookworms (novelists, writers, scholars, poets, academicians, researchers & so on) gather for good motion.
It enhances to research and dissertation works and any other seminars, workshops, organized by the RC, to find their qualitative outcomes. It conducts action oriented seminars, workshops, interaction on various issues and disseminate the outcomes to large number of brings all needful supports to researchers, dissertation composers and book publishers.

Introductory college level to above grade students are eligible for membership.

 The fees for membership are:-
 1. Bachelors to above degree students:-Rs:3000/- years. (One can pay in two installment).
 2. Regular College or University students (having minimum 1 year valid ID) - Rs 300/- yearly.
 3. For foreign students / Residents:-US $ 100 yearly.
 4. For Diplomatic person:- US$200 yearly.
 5. For govt; non-govt and private employess:-5000/-yearly.
 6. For semi-govt and non-govt institutions, organization, departments, ministries and authorities :- Rs 35,000/- yearly.
7. For semi-govt ,not govt institutions organizations ,departments and authorities (Small scale ) - Rs. 25000 yearly.

Basic Structure

Today's society is a dynamic society, an ideal society if you are there; if you are there you must be a person with an adequate knowledge of modern science, good culture and cultivated civic society. These outcomes kiss your feet because you have tremendous habit of reading books. yes, this is what we are talking about the right place where anyone (scholar) can be a part of it for longer hours study like your private room which avails you choice of books from the library or one may come up with own books. Besides, you have abundant options for surfing net, using photo copier and borrowing books, along with food & drink services this is what we are The Readers' Club.